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This is Collossal

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

The Art/Photography/Design Blog to Rule them all

Colossal is a beautifully organized blog that, since it was founded in 2010, has expanded to cover art, design, photography and craft. There are regular interviews with both established, and upcoming artists, where they discuss their work.

It explores a vast range of creative disciplines, with art organized in more than 30 categories. It explores visual culture through the latest in fine art, design, modern craft, street art, photography, illustration, science, and animation. With an archive of over 6,700 articles written by seven contributors, there is a lot to explore

"It is our intent to amplify the voices of artists working toward a more equitable and environmentally-friendly future by utilizing innovation, unexpected materials, humor, spectacle, and vast reserves of skill and hope."

The blog is also used as an educational tool, from grade school through graduate school. Via our website, newsletters, and social media impressions, Colossal says it reaches an estimated 10 million monthly readers.Colossal won the UTNE Media Award for Arts Coverage and has been nominated for a Webby.

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