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Noor Images

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Noor Images is an innovative photo agency, founded in 2007, owned and directed by its members, under a cooperative model, with a focus on telling stories that “have an impact and inspire action.” It could be a good fit if you are looking to get involved in driving social change.

“We support, encourage and help visual story-tellers around the world.”

The agency is headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands, with photographers based worldwide and known for producing independent visual reports that impact views on human rights and other issues of global concern.

In March 2009, the NOOR Foundation launched its first masterclass in documentary photography in Lagos, inviting 15 African photojournalists from seven countries. Since then, the NOOR Foundation has organized workshops, masterclasses, seminars, lectures and other educational activities, in St Petersburg (2010), Bucharest (2011) Cairo (2011), Cape Town (2012), Tunis (2013), Bayeux (2013, 2015), Istanbul (2014), Belgrade (2015) and Amsterdam (2015).

NOOR works in close collaboration with educational organizations and professional photographers, all experienced teachers and lecturers in documentary photography.

"While the content of our work is broad, it is unified in our desire to connect the dots around critical issues .... and the power of art and music to keep us human.

Noor education initiatives include online and one-to-one mentoring, an academy and a range of programs. Check their website to find out more.

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