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Dupho (Dutch Photographers Organization)

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

A great place to understand the Dutch creative ecosystem.

DuPho's goal is to improve and strengthen the position of photographers and it advises and represents photographers in the legal, business and creative field. They are supported by a contribution from the Pictoright Fund.

DuPho dedicates itself to improving the position of professional photographers in the commercial, social and cultural sphere.


Dupho website is a great resource to begin to understand some of the creative ecosystem in the Netherlands because Dupho is partnered with a range of important creative organizations that support the arts and also is connected to professional and regional creative platforms that create content.

Legal Support

In addition to legal advice for members, the website also has free legal forms and other resources that you can download, such as permission forms, copyright claims, and legal claim forms.

Learning & Courses

There are also a range of learning activities that Dupho organises, including discussions, workshops and classes.

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