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Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Originally founded in 1902, ARTnews is the oldest art magazine in the world with a storied history that includes such former contributors as MoMA founder Alfred Barr, Aldous Huxley, Jean-Paul Sartre and William Carlos Williams. Though it still published in printed form quarterly, ARTnews has shifted much its content online, continuing its legacy as a trusted source of art criticism and news in the digital age.

The ARTnews website is unique. It is perhaps one of the best sources of breaking news and analysis in the artworld. As well as having information on the worlds top collectors, it also provides you access to the magazines archives, allowing you to peer back in time.

The website has one of the most comprehensive list of top art collectors, with a Top 200 Collectors list released annually. Collectors make the list based on interviews with collectors, curators, dealers, auction houses, and museums.

The collectors on the list are also surveyed so it provides information on trends (where collectors are based, how they made their money, what type of art they collect), as well as deep profiles about these individuals, including details on their collections.

ARTnews is perhaps the Bloomberg of Art, it focuses on news stories that have the potential to move markets such as important sales, corporate mergers, lawsuits, bankruptcies and the closure or openings of major platforms. This is the place to go to see all the major developments in the art world.

If you want something more reflective, have a look at the interviews. The website has regular interviews with leading artists, which gives these artists a chance to talk through their work and career.

Check the Retrospective section for a treasure trove of documents going back decade. The more recent commentary is in the Art in America section of the website.

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