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Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Artnet is older than the internet. It was founded in 1989, so it has its roots deeply in the art world, and has nurtured strong relationships with, and works mainly with, art dealers. It is an international research and trading platform for the art market. It promote accessibility, allowing users to research art, contact galleries directly, and to attain price transparency in the art market.

It probably has the best database of auction prices in the world, which it provides paid access to. An important resource if you are buying or selling a high-priced artwork.

Artnet also produces in-depth reports into different aspects of the art world that are must reads if you want to understand new paradigms and the latest thinking.

There is a lot of original perspectives and commentary on the sit. Reviews of events and parties are helpful, and then there are profiles of influential people in the art world. The "Art & Law," and the "Politics" sections provide a new lens through which to view the artworld.

Artnets news desk provides a steady output of stories, but, a lot of the coverage feels more gossipy than market moving. Not a go-to choice for news (we would recommend The Art Newspaper for that).

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