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Updated: Sep 24, 2020

i-D is a British magazine founded by former Vogue art director Terry Jones in 1980, dedicated to fashionmusicart and youth culture. Over the years the magazine evolved into a mature glossy but it has kept street style and youth culture central. In addition to the website and the magazine, i-D has also held exhibitions worldwide and published several books. A great place to see emerging, gritty trends in fashion and youth culture.

The magazine pioneered the hybrid style of documentary/fashion photography called The Straight Up. At first, these were of punks and new wave youth found on English streets and who were simply asked to stand against any nearby blank wall. The resulting pictures—the subjects facing the camera and seen from "top to toe"—are a vivid historical documentary photography archive, and have established the posed "straight up" as a valid style of documentary picture-making.

Constantly reinventing itself, as with our website, i-D continues to encourage creativity, which is why after more than 30 years, its editorial content still manages to surprise and inspire..”

It is seen as a great training ground. Photographers Wolfgang Tillmans, Mario Testino, Terry Richardson, Craig McDean, Nick Knight and Juergen Teller started their careers at i-D, as did Dylan Jones and Caryn Franklin. Other photographers that have contributed to i-D include Ellen von Unwerth and Kayt Jones.

Focus on Youth Culture

The website provide curated content on the latest trends in a range of contemporary areas including news, fashion, culture, photography, music, and beauty. It often features guest curators who will focus on issues that are important to them.

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